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A brief.....

Sweden: Hm........

In the last 100 000 years, Sweden has been overed by thick inland ice on at least 3 occasions.

Farming was gradually adopted in southern Sweden from 4000 BC. In 800 AD - 1100  the Vikings took the world by storm.

1100 Pagan revolt replaces the Christian. 1523 Gustav Wasa is chosen as king.1618 Thirty years war starts. 1632 Gustav II Adolf is killed att battle of LUtzen.

1648 Peace of Westphalia. 1709 Swedish army defeated by Peter the Great at Poltava....... 1792 Gustav III is murded. 1809 Sweden loses finland.

1814 Sweden gains Norway. 1905 Sweden loses Norway. 1921 Womens right to vote. 1967 From left hand to right hand traffic.

1986 our Statsminister Olof Palme was killed by a gunman.  

The Kingdom of SWEDEN is one of the largest countries in Europe.....449,964 sq km.

Sweden is 1572 km from south to north.

Treriksröset (north) is nearly  300 km north of the Arctic Circle and Smygehuk (south) lies at the same 

latitude as Edinburgh in Scotland. There are 9 millijon inhabitants/ 20 people per sq km, so there are plenty of space.

The climate is relatively mild for its northerly location. And we can thank the Gulf Stream for that.

Up in the North LAPPLAND, is the Land of midnight sun. 24 hours sun in summertime and almost non existent sun in wintertime.

The temperatur can sometime go down to under -40 deg C. This area are the home for the Sami people and their herds of reindeer.

Sweden has a remarkably varied landscape, from flat areas to rugged mountains. A very long coastline with one of the largest

archipelagos in the world. Nearly half of the Swedish population have some relations to summerhouses. Most of the summerhouses

are painted in red (Falu red) and white. The swedes love of nature is deeply rooted.

The Elk, wolves, bears, seals, sea eagleas, snakes and many more various types of animals are living in the large areas of wilderness.

Sweden export cars, music, metall, IT-products, paper, timber..........you name it.

Famous swedes are: Björn Borg, Dag Hammarskjöld, ABBA, Roxette, August Strindberg, Ingrid Bergman, Greta Garbo, Alfred Nobell. Carl von Linne', Nisse Hult, Annica Sörenstam.

Ingmar Bergman.Anders Zorn......who is Nisse Hult?

Famous brands are: Volvo, Hasselblad, SAAB, Scania Vabis, SKF, AGA, ASEA, LM Ericsson.........

Famous event: Vasa Ski Race. The Crane dance. Elite Race. Tjejtrampet. Stockholm Marathon. Vätternrundan. Gotland Race. Lidingö Race. Nobel Day. Vikingarännet.




Gustav Eriksson Wasa