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Where I have layed my hat (use Google Earth)                Summer places  

My place of birth                1949                             Västkusten                                              

Midsommarkransen            1950-54                         Ingarö Kållandsö

Skarpnäck                          1954-58                         Justerö

Kärrtorp                             1958-72

Lidingö 1-2                         1972-74

Lidingö 3                            1974-88

Björkhagen 1                      1988-2002                   

Björkhagen 2                      2002-                                                                          


1949 My year of birth-----56 School------63 Konfirmation-----66 AGA Verkstadsskola-----69 My first employment as a instrument maker-----70-71 In the Army-----71 My first own flat-----83 I start my first work as a serviceengineer ------8906 I got married with Anne-Marie-----890707 My daughter Josefina was borned.-----99 I started my work as a Processtechnician at TrimbleAB.  ----- 2010 my new work as a Productions technician started.