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My name is Gunnar Linde and I am an inveterate photographer who have "lived"
with different types of cameras for more than 50 years. From snapshots with
a box camera to photography with sophisticated Canon F1, Leica M3 and a
number of Nikon cameras and digital cameras which have opened new doors to
the Promised Land of photography.

Today I work with an Canon 7D and Canon 6D and Sony A7R2.
Creating good photographic pictures from film involved tedious skilled work
in the dark room, whereas digital pictures are treated efficiently in a
computer. Less time is spent and the result is often remarkable. Here the
possibilities are virtually unlimited to enhance, sharpen, add backgrounds,
adjust colours etc. etc. I use Photo Shop a lot. To create backgrounds and
various add on effects I use the 3-D program Bryce, which is one of the most
inspiring programs I have used, all categories. Many of my pictures are
taken at night time. These pictures are challenging as they require a long
exposure time and it is essential to white balance them carefully. I
sometimes utilize the difference in colour temperatures from street lights
to achieve different colour effects in a night picture.

Which picture looks the best - that is the photographer / artist to decide.


It's not the brush, it's the hand that create the picture.